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Ultimate toning for men & women
Slendertone is a world leader in providing products that improve muscle tone and body shape. Our toning products include everything you need to tone, firm and build your muscles. Whether you’re after flat, firm abs; more defined arms; lift your bottom or a rejuvenated face, there’s a Slendertone product for everyone. All Slendertone products are clinically proven to deliver guaranteed results.


The science behind Slendertone
Slendertone uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) toning technology to create strong, deep muscle contractions to tone your body. EMS works to mimic the body’s natural muscle movements; signals are sent between the gel pads (on the garment), switching on the nerves that control your muscles and causing them to contract naturally.


Clinically proven to flatten the stomach in 4-6 weeks
EMS technology has been used for over 40 years in hospitals, clinics and physiotherapy practices around the world to strengthen and rehabilitate muscles. All Slendertone products are clinically proven to deliver guaranteed results.



*Clinical trial conducted by Dr. John Porcari, University of Wisconsin, La-Crosse. Flex & Walking (University of Ulster).
Don’t just take our word for it

“I love the product and also the service!”
– Katherine, QLD
“I have been using my slendertone abs and shorts for over 6 weeks now and I absolutely love them. I am an active person and on my feet all day every day. I purchased the slendertone products to help me shape my butt and thighs and develop my abs. Also I wanted to eliminate cellulite from these problem areas. Even though my diet is not “flash” and probably not the healthiest, I have binges every now and then,I have still noticed results and I’m feeling a lot more confident about my body.I am still working on my diet which is a challenge in itself but after seeing results already, it makes me even more determined to have a healthy diet to see even faster results.I love the product and also the service. It is incredible how helpful the slendertone teams are.”
” I feel confident and ready for summer!”
– Belinda
“I’ve just completed week 4 of the Slendertone Challenge and I’m feeling fantastic! I’ve been using my Slendertone Systems Abs 5 times a week for 20 minutes, gradually increasing the intensity level and have maintained at level 85 for the past week. My core muscles really feel so much firmer and stronger. Coupled with a healthy diet (everything in moderation!), regular yoga classes and cardio exercise, I am feeling better than ever! During exam time, I have found it difficult to use my Slendertone belt consistently, but have managed to squeeze in at least 2-3 times a week for toning purposes.The results are already visible, with friends & family commenting on my figure and enquiring about the benefits of Slendertone. Thanks to Slendertone Australia I feel confident and ready for summer!”
“Surprising 1 Week”
– Lisa
“So I’m half way into the Slendertone 6 week challenge! I have been doing extremely well with my core feeling much stronger and firmer. However i must admit last week while on holidays the 6 week challenge sort of got brushed to the side! oops…. As i stayed active, did a couple of beach runs and ate well (however drunk more alcohol then what I would normally, but i was on holidays!), my slendertone belt got left at home!Even though looking in the mirror i don’t feel my abs have missed out, i am happy with how they look defiantly haven’t gone backwards, but now being home with my beloved Slendertone, it feels good! Its surprising how 1 week off makes you feel like a blob!”
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Slendertone Abs for Men

Slendertone For Men

Slendertone for men products include everything you need to tone and build your muscles. Whether you’re after flatter, firmer, stronger abs or a more defined stronger arms there’s a Slendertone product for every man.

Slendertone Abs for Women

Slendertone For Women

Slendertone for women products include everything you need to tone and lift those problem areas. Whether you’re after a flat, firm stomach; toned arms; an uplifted bottom; or a natural facelift, there’s a Slendertone product for you.

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