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Does Slendertone Work


Our customers often ask the question “does the Slendertone abs belt really work?” We base all our answers on the clinical studies we have conducted to show how effective our products are. All Slendertone products undergo rigorous independent clinical trials. Slendertone Abs Belts are clinically proven to deliver a firmer and flatter stomach in 4 weeks:


100% of users reporting firmer more toned abs
72% increase in abdominal endurance
49% increase in abdominal strength
20 minutes is the equivalent of 120 abdominal crunches



Latest Blogger Reviews

Laura – My London Dream

“Based on the before and after photos below, I feel that I am now starting to gain some definition in my abs, which are steadily becoming more outlined. I have also noticed that my waist looks visually slimmer. Patience is a virtue (one that I do not possess) and following anything through until its completion has very rewarding results! It can be tempting to give up if you’re feeling despondent about a lack of glaringly obvious improvements, but even bodybuilders had to start somewhere!” Read More…




Adam – Food & Fitness Always

“So it’s the final week of trialling the Slendertone Abs belt and I’ve got to admit, I’ve really enjoyed the process of giving a product a go and telling you guys my open and honest opinion, which I always aspire to do. The first thing I’ll say is that, trial or no trial, I’ll still keep on using the Abs belt. Why? Because it has helped me reach my goals sooner than even I was expecting. I’m not saying that the product is some kind of ‘miracle product’ but by using the belt, 5 days a week and increasing the stimulation during each session, I feel as though it’s a product worth incorporating into my busy fitness lifestyle.” Read More…




Christina – Pretty Secrets

“Setting up the belt is really easy took me about 10-15 minutes then I left it to charge for 3 hours. The 30 day challenge says to start with 40/40 but I started with 50/50 because I really wanted to feel more. It is an amazing feeling and at first feels very ticklish! From using the product for a week I do feel a difference – less bloated and a small difference in definition. Weekly pictures are being taken each Monday to check progress! After using the belt for a few days my abs really did hurt and felt like I had done a hard abs work out on them. When it is time to increase the level up to 80 at first it does hurt (not in a painful way) but you can really feel it and it is a shock at first but you get used to it. It is also really handy, you don’t have to sit there and use the belt doing nothing you can be doing some work, cooking dinner or watching tele!” Read More…




Kelly – Bikini Brawn

“I was thrilled to be sent the Slendetone belt just over two weeks ago, so that i could put slendertone to the test. After reading up on the technical side of the product, i was definitely impressed and eager to try it out. I decided to follow the instructions, which might i add i rarely do with anything. They offer a very informative booklet that shows you how to use it, how it works and also the slendertone challenge. The Challenge is for thirty days, so i decided i would follow it to a tea. You must wear the belt five days a week for four weeks. I am currently coming into my third week of this plan. It is well known the only way to a perfect six pack and core is by eating a balanced, healthy diet.” Read More…




Kayli – Lifestyle Blog

“I was very excited to try this product out, they became very popular again and it is the must have product. I knew how it worked, and the “Quick start guide” was easy to understand. The feeling of the system when its on is very unique, its not sore at all and the intensity can be adjusted to what you prefer and how strong you want it. The aim is to increase the intensity with time. I think it feels like your belly is vibrating, or even making a wave motion. You can go about your daily routine while wearing it.” Read More…




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