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Slendertone Arms Male & Controller Bundle

Tone the muscles, firm the arms – 99 intensity levels, 3 triceps/biceps programmes. Results in 6 weeks. Includes the Slendertone Controller.


Slendertone Flex Max Unisex Abs Belt + 3 Pads Bundle

Slendertone Flex Max is a clinically proven, battery powered, high intensity abdominal toning belt for both men and women. It delivers a complete abdominal workout to help shape your abs. This bundle comes with 3 sets of extra pads – 130 intensity levels, 10 programmes. Results in 6 weeks. Battery-operated.


Slendertone His + Hers Ultimate Abs Bundle

The ultimate abs toning package for couples comprising of 2 Premium Slendertone Abs + 2 sets of pads. Slendertone Abs is our most advanced abs toning belt for men and women providing toned and stronger abs from just 4 weeks. Use 5 times a week for 4 weeks to achieve firmer and more toned abs.



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Ab Belts

Slendertone Replacement Pads Value Packs (Buy 2 Get 1 Free!)

Slendertone Replacement Pads Value Packs. Save money for the price of One! Replacement pads for Abs fit both Male and Female belts.
The working life of your pads is dependent on a variety of factors; including skin-type, correct storage and frequency of use. We recommend replacing them after 20-30 uses or if you notice discomfort, a loss of power or adhesion. The Replacement Pads Value Bundle will provide you with 3-6 months (60-120 uses) worth of usage.





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